May 2013 marked the one-year anniversary of a healthy body initiative that was signed by the magazine’s international editors—the initiative represents a commitment from the editors to promote positive body images within the content of Vogue’s numerous editions. Australian editor Edwina McCann explained:

In the magazine we’re moving away from those very young, very thin girls. A year down the track, we ask ourselves what can Vogue do about it? And an issue like this [June 2013 issue] is what we can do about it. If I was aware of a girl being ill on a photo shoot I wouldn’t allow that shoot to go ahead, or if a girl had an eating disorder I would not shoot her.

The Australian edition’s June 2013 issue was entitled the “Body Issue” and featured articles on exercise and nutrition, as well as a diverse range of models. New York-based Australian plus-size model Robyn Lawley, previously featured on the cover of Vogue Italia, also appeared in a swimwear shoot for the June issue.

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